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How To Eliminate Odor In The Cabin Of The Car

How to Eliminate Odor In the Cabin of the Car - the ride Comfort may be a priority for every person. In order for the vehicle to remain comfortable, then the owner would not want to take care of the vehicle. Care can be in the form of service periodically for engine maintenance and care of the cabin so as not to appear odor.

Every people will be very disturbed when the car he appears odor. Therefore, as a vehicle owner you should take care of the cabin so as not to smell. Want to know how? Check out the article here!

1. Clean Cabin
The first that should be done when trying to eliminate the odor in the cabin is a clean cabin. Clean the cabin thoroughly. Do it carefully, because otherwise the odor can reappear.

The first thing you can do is throw all the garbage contained in the cabin. Next you need to do, wipe the dashboard with a how to wipe all parts of the dashboard, remember, do not miss the slightest yeah!

The next step is to wash and clean the carpet your car. Use soap if you want maximum results. Once it is clean, drying carpet to dry. While waiting for the carpet to dry, you can clean every corners of the upholstery with a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner.

Do not forget, clean the upholstery every line. If the material of the seat using fabric material washing using soap. However if the upholstery using leather material, simply wipe using a special liquid and wipe dry.

2. Use Of Natural Material
Natural ingredients like coffee can be used to eliminate odor. In fact, the pungent smell can be lost if we use coffee. Please be aware, the coffee used is not the coffee beans instead of coffee powder, and choose the coffee powder that does not contain sugar. Why? Because sugar can be fishing ants, the smell can be lost but you will be made even by small insects it.

How to use it, you simply sow the coffee powder to taste above paper unused, then put the coffee and the paper in the source of the smell or under the seat. Let me right all night, and then the next day, you just need to remove the coffee from inside the cab. Please be careful when pulling the paper out because if not, the coffee could spill and stain the carpet of your car.

If you feel the coffee has a pungent odor, you can replace it with baking soda. How to use same. Sprinkle on paper and then put on the source of the odor or in every corner of the upholstery. Or you can also use other ways, namely by directly sprinkle baking soda generously onto the corners of the cabin or put it under the seat.

If the smell is gone, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the rest of the baking soda.

3. Use Deodorizers
This way can be used to keep the fragrant smell and the freshness in the cabin of the car favorite you. However, the selection of fragrances should also be considered, not just when buying. Because if it is wrong, can you be dizzy because of the fragrant smell in the produce.

Select fragrances in liquid form. Try not to use fragrances in the form of solid or gel. Both types of fragrances that can leave stains or crust if placed adjacent to the air CONDITIONING.

In addition, if the fragrances manifold solid or gel exposed to the sun can leave stains on the dashboard, it is the severity of both types of fragrances, it can remove the musty smell. Oh yeah, need to remember when spraying the air freshener, spray to taste it!

4. Open and Glass Door
Air circulation is necessary so that the cabin remains fresh. Therefore, if the car will be in residence for a long time you should open a little glass of your car. Remember, quite a bit of course, because if it is too open will be fishing a crime. The smell is gone, the car was also missing.

More safe if the car you use accessories guttering, so if the glass open a little bit no one will see because the top of the glass covered by the guttering.

The second way is to open all the car doors when you want to use the car or after using the car. You just need to open all the car doors. No need to be too long, because the goal is so that the air in the cabin flows and expected can throw the heat out of the cabin of the car.

5. Take Care Of Hygiene
The last way is a form of prevention. By keeping the cleanliness of the cabin then it could be sure the odor will not appear. You can also provide a trash can so the garbage is not littered. If you and the passengers eat in the car, make sure no food is scattered. If anything, as much as possible directly cleaned so no traces of food that contaminates the cabin.

That's the 5 tips on caring for the cabin of the car you order is always fresh and fragrant. The cleanliness of the cabin car can be measured by how much care the owner of mobik against the vehicle. The clean and fragrant cabin of the car then it will be more convenient we drive the car. So, do not be lazy to clean the cabin of the car yes!
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