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Want To Have A Healthy Heart ? Follow This Way

Until when this heart, pain is pain the most deadly and dangerous in the world.Each year victims of heart disease always increased and increased.Don't just attack people who are already parents, the risk of heart also threatening among children and young. Risk this occur if most of us have eating patterns and unhealthy lifestyle and often forget about sports.

The risk of heart disease is able to be overcome with healthy living and exercise enough each day.Walk for 22 minutes each day is believed to lower the risk of heart.Researchers find that walking is the exercise most simple that can prevent and overcome the risk of heart.

Research published in the british journal of sports medicine found that having a sports walk or run at least 22 minutes every day can reduce the risk of heart up to 50 percent.Don't just prevent the risks of heart, this activity is also able to cope with the problems of dangerous diseases to other similar diabetes, obesity, cancer to stroke.

Pressing the risk of heart able to do with walking or running.During the last few decades, the walk proved to lower the levels of fat in the body, killing the bad cells cause aggression the heart and nourish the body. minute walk also optimal in the circulation of blood in the body."

In addition to the advise to walk at least 22 minutes a day, experts also advise that we consumption of fruits, vegetables and foods low in fat to prevent the risk of heart. the mind that is happy, comfortable and away from stress has also become one of the most important activity to reduce the risk of heart and other deadly diseases.

Nah mate healthy is always keep a healthy lifestyle so that we are spared from the disease a dangerous disease which can later harm us

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