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Tips to become a BLOG Author

First : Select the name of your Blog who desire to created. As much as may be easy in inggat and in accordance with the Nice to be in writing.

Second : Buy domain (TLD) so that when in register to Adsense got account Non Hosted. The next Blog could use a blogspot Free.

Third : Select a Blog Template that SEO Friendly. Can use Viomagz or Company Flexible.

Fourth : Create the About, Contact, Privacy and Disclaimer. Menu Blog the content with the link of the article and no Links are Dead either in the menu or in the article.

Fifth : Do Keyword Research to determine the Title of the Article proper. New Blog select the volume is down or the select few Competition but the Search Volume is Great.

Sixth : Start writing with a Nice set. Do not make the article the mixture before the at thanks Google Adsense.

Seventh : Age Blog at least 2 Months with the number of the article of at least 10 when will the list of Google Adsense.

Eighth : Use the original data based on ID so quickly accepted. Don't try try using a Scan ID or Fake data.

Ninth : If already in receipt Adsense keep good. Don't lust and click your own ads use VPN and the like.

Tenth : Don't most of the Complaining. Continue to write more articles and search Visitor from Search Enggine as much as possible.
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