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The Benefits of the leaves of connect for Healthy

As bush plants, many do not think if the leaves sembung has the benefit of a very rich man. This leaf is already known as a traditional medicine that is able to overcome some of the disease. If eaten, it will indeed be a little bitter and spicy, but the benefits of leaf sembung for health can not be ignored. Here is the explanation.

• Cough

As a seasonal disease, flu and cough is often so annoying people who feel it. If all of the drugs that have been taken are still not working, then You can drink the decoction of the leaves sembung supplemented with ginger. Drink at least one glass every day routine for maximum results.

• Rheumatism Of The Joints

Rheumatism of the joints is a disease that tortured part of the foot and makes it difficult day. How to use it is by taking a few pieces of leaves sembung then wash clean. You can boil it about 10 minutes and then drink the decoction.

• Treat Ulcer Disease

Do You have ulcer disease? If yes, then You should consume a few pieces of leaves sembung regularly every day. You can eat the leaves directly but can also be boiled if you don't want to feel bitterness. Do not forget to add a little sugar so not bitter.

the benefits of the leaves of connect for health is very nice if You know. Usually, these leaves will be easily found in the yard because it is a wild plant. Don't forget to wash it clean before starting to eat.

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