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The Benefits Of Guava Fruit That You Have Not Know

Guava is one fruit that is easy to grow anywhere.Many people who consume guava but it is unfortunate because they do not know what exactly the benefits of guava.Guava's are also on sale in the market and the price is very affordable because it is quite cheap.

Another name of guava is guava.The trunk is woody and very hard at all usually that used children to make a toy catapult.The trunk in addition to hard also have a branch rod that much.The leaves are round and oblong with a size of more or less 10 x 4 cm.Guava is live in the garden or in nature.Seeds small and hard.The fruit when unripe is very hard like a rock but if fully ripe fruit is very soft and sweet.

Okay this time I will give information on the buddy healthy in order to know what are the benefits or khasit guava actually.

Take the leaves 10 sheets then boiled with 2 cups water.Once in the rebuh reserving 1 cup for diminun when we suffer from diarrhea.Or it could be the leaves that are still young directly eaten can cure diarrhea.

In addition, guava fruit that is ripe can be used to treat dengue fever.By the way in the juice or eat directly.

The content of guava : 

The liquid 80%

Protein 1 gram

Karbihidrat 8 grams

Calories 36

Calcium 15 mg

Phosphorus 18 mg

Iron 1 mg

Vitamin A

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin P

Vitamin c

Well then from it the fruit of guava is very beneficial for our body

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