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Regular Article Updates Or Search For Backlinks First

The desire of all bloggers is the blog can continue to grow and useful for many people. Therefore, they continue to optimize her blog so you can have the best position on the search engine. 

If you're looking for information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a variety of sources, you will find many opinions. The question most asked is about the optimization of which came first, whether article updates routinely or to search for backlinks.

This question is actually a lot more to come from the bloggers beginners who are not too familiar with the world of blogs. Those who are just starting a blog will have any doubt about this question. Can say, the source of these doubts started on how much of the science that randomly they slowly learn.

The more science learned about the blog world, will inevitably bring up a wide variety of opinions. One source will give his own opinion, and other sources will also give his own opinion. From here, will bring up a lot of questions about a variety of science blogs.

So, this article made actually only to give the answers of the opinions of various sources that discuss one of the Optimization SEO Onpage this. For this discussion we will be presented with a comparison and an analogy so that you can more easy to understand.


Content or Articles is the main. Yep, this is what you must give priority. Getting quality content made, it will affect the position of blogs on search engines.

Why not backlink first ? The answer is simple, where do you want to get backlinks if the content is still a little. First, we will discuss from the side of the backlinks natural, without a buy. Logic is simple, if for example the article in the blog you guys are still a little, how other blogs can give you a link to the blog you guys.

Then, the second if you buy, let's just say that backlinks you this nice and quality. The question is, a page or article which would be optimized ? This is all because of you guys more emphasis on backlinks than content.

As has already been said, a blog without content is like a body without a soul. Empty !! 

So the answer is clear, create quality content first.


These two things can not be separated from the article or content that is in a blog. Both should be run simultaneously to be able to get the best results. Try to look at the illustrations below.

Suppose that you routinely update the article every day, or may be two articles per day. However, the quality of the content does not meet the requirements of quality content. Or if the case is article tutorial, and blog content you do not provide a way out of the search intent of a keyword, then the intensity of the updates will have no effect.

Or an illustration, or both, you blog you guys have one by one quality articles, but rarely do update the article. This will not have impact on the improvement of the position of blogs on search engines. Some of the blogs that rarely update the article, mimin feel kayak blog without owner, abandoned.

So, the second thing is you need to run simultaneously so that maximum results you can get later.


Well, if you already have a content or article that much, you just looking for the name of backlinks. Have content lot, of course, must be accompanied with the same quality instead of cans yak.

Actually, if you think, you can get backlinks naturally for free. Another Blog that includes a source of leads from your blog you will be the backlink natural. Of course backlinks this will give the effect more for the development of the blog you guys.

Or maybe you can't wait for backlinks naturally, then the answer is to buy backlinks. But you should make sure the first place you buy backlinks have a good result for a blog. Don't get disappointed because it turns out that you get is backlinks are not quality.

Well so, you can already find out the answer of the question that be our discussion this time. The answer is obvious content that you should give priority, namely the content quality and the essence of the title of the article itself.

By running between the quality content and backlinks simultaneously, will create a synergy that will give influence on the development blog. 

Up here our discussion this time, hopefully this article can benefit you. Do not forget to share this article that could be useful to more people.

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