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How To Whiten Teeth Naturally

Teeth are the one part or organ of the body that there is in man.Teeth always used for any activities we like to eat or drink and so on.And because the activity it causes our teeth is easy to be exposed to bacteria.May be caused by the foods that enter or that we consume every day.

So that our teeth become not clean or rather dirty.White teeth is the desire of every person to appear more confident.Therefore some people or even all people using any means or any way to make teeth white because it can make people more confident.

A lot of people who use drugs to memutuhkan his teeth.Because usually if use of the drug will be more faster to whiten teeth.Whereas there is a natural way to memutuhkan teeth.

Well this time I will you give you tips for you buddy healthy agarr your teeth white and will make a fella healthy confidence of course.This way you can practitioner yourself at home because this way is quite easy and very simple

Material :


The baking Soda/Baking soda

How to :

Prepare all the ingredients that I recommend above.Take half a teaspoon of baking soda and mix in freshly squeezed lime or lemon just a little bit until it becomes dough like toothpaste.Well after that you can use the using a toothbrush as it should be when brush teeth.Do this a maximum of 2 times a week.Don't do it too often because it can damage the teeth.

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