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Definition and Purpose of spatial Planning

Spatial planning implies a process of organizing space. LAW No. 26 of 2006 provide an understanding of the layout as a form of space structure and space pattern. The structure of the space is the arrangement of the centers of the settlements and the system network infrastructure that serves as a support socio-economic activities of a society which is hierarchical has a functional relationship, while the space pattern is a distribution of the allotment of space in a region which includes the allotment of space to the protected function and the allotment of space to the function of the cultivation.

The surface of the earth is composed of space-space that is bounded by a certain indicator. In managing the region of the surface of the earth required the management of spatial reliable so there is no damage and disaster. Layout is the structural form and pattern of space utilization, planned and unplanned. 

The layout of the city a bad trigger social and environmental problems
Layout intended with the arrangement of this space is the layout planned. Room layout was not planned in the form of layout that formed naturally as the flow of rivers, lakes, nature reserves, caves, mountains, and so on.
a. Manifestation of the structural space utilization is the arrangement of the elements forming the hue of the natural environment, social environment, and artificial environment that are hirerkis and structurally associated one with the other to form layout.
b.  The pattern of utilization of space is a form of space utilization which describe the size, function, and character of human activity and natural activities.

The purpose of spatial planning, as stated in No. 26 2007 to realize the space of the national territory that is safe, comfortable, productive, and sustainable based on Archipelago concept and National Resilience with:
a.  The realization of the harmony between natural environment and artificial environment
b. The realization of coherence in the use of natural resources and resources-made with attention to human resources
c. The realization of the protection function of the space and the prevention of negative impacts on the environment due to the utilization of space.

The target in the process of planning layout that has been arranged with the various aspects of the consideration of the normative and the technical is in order to realize the concept of development of the region which contains goals and objectives that are territorial of Indonesia, therefore, it was reached through the efforts of spatial planning which consists of 3 main processes, namely:
a.    The process of spatial planning
b.    The process of space utilization
c.    The process control space utilization

Exercises understanding of the spatial region
Answer the questions below
1. Explain the scope of the management space region!
2. Explain the scope of the utilization of spatial!
3. Explain the principle of space utilization!
4.  Explain control implementation of the spatial plan!
5. Explain the classification of the arrangement of the space!
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