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Avoid This Bad Habit To Avoid Blindness

Eyes are the senses most important for anyone. unfortunately, a bad habit that every day we often do not rarely trigger damage to the eyes or senses of sight this. Eye damage able to be the eyes blurred, the risk of eye minus, katbir to blindness.

Why the eye is able to damaged or even blind? a lot of things that be the cause why the eye is able to shred up to experience blindness. one case is the habit of the night that not infrequently we do but rarely do we realize that these habits trigger of blindness in the eye.

The habit of play the gadget when the night, this time into the vagaries of the poor as the cause of blindness. Experts reveal that staring at the screen of the gadget when the night for hours and in dark conditions, carried out almost every day, this will cause the retina of the eye is experiencing fatigue great and damaged.

Lay tilted to one corner while staring at screen of the gadget is also capable of causing the risk of blindness and eye damage that is not balanced between right and left eye.Play the gadgets when the night in dark conditions is also believed to disrupt the nervous system in the brain that are associated with the retina of the eye.Because disorders of this, the eye will be more susceptible to blindness and the risk of damage.

If you are someone who is very like with wallpaper gadget color blue, perjuangankan to replace it. according to experts, the blue light from gadgets capable of causing a wide variety of the dilemma of the eye. even worse, exposure to blue light such berkekerabatan detailed with the risk of heart, cancer, diabetes to obesity.

Well, buddy is healthy,so that we avoid the risk of blindness or the dilemma of the eye as well as other health, perjuangankan so as not to play the gadget when night particularly when conditions are dark.

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