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The development of the technology seemed to change the existing order in the world, it is very influential is the development of the technology of the internet. In the era of the 90s the internet began to known by the people of Indonesia. The development of technology in the country is still relatively slow when compared with the developed countries. But although relatively slow, it is already enough to change the mindset of the people of indonesia.

With the development of technology, some people become greatly assisted and relieved in his work. The Internet has the function of one of them being the media in sharing information. So the person concerned if the information data, live access via the internet eating will appear all the data information needed.

The development of information technology today has spread and enter every dimensional aspect of human life. Information technology currently plays a major role in business activities, changes in organizational structure, and mannajemen organization. On the other hand, information technology also provide a big role in the development of science and became the primary means in an academic institution.

Of course, in the world of education, the development of the technology to be very beneficial as long as know how to use it. Almost all the case studies, the problems to troubleshooting solutions already available on the internet. Children are clever and understand the development of technology, they will not follow the requirements because only with the internet they already know all of the information brands need.

In the present era, we often see that all people definitely need the internet. Internet technology seemed to be a primary need for every human being, not only adults only child already can not be separated in the influence of the development of the form of the internet. Therefore, in order to get more leverage in utilising the internet to the child. There should be assistance from the parents, so the child is not wrong in getting a information.

Basically the internet provides convenience for us in developing education and teaching. The presence of the internet to date has become a necessity for anyone but it also has penetrated into various fields, especially education. But to make the internet as a basis of teaching, its main drawback is the availability of supporting infrastructure such as the internet network, the availability of computers, and a variety of other means must be provided. In addition, it is also supported by the level of access offered.

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