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Social Media Instagram in In the Role of Spreading the News

From year to year the development of social media is very rapid. In this digital era social media is becoming the most popular in the entire community. On a variety of platforms, social media allows users to communicate and interact from a distance and wider use of various applications that can be installed on the personal Smartphones such as WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. 

People use social media not only as a medium of communication and also entertainment. But all the people can get various information from social media. In ancient times, the public can only get information from print media such as newspapers, magazines and others that can only display an image or a photo and writing course. But now the public can enjoy looking for and reading information in an interesting way and not boring i.e. on social media platforms such as Instagram. Not only display pictures and text, now the news can also be presented through video, text and audio. Although the duration is not all that there is on TV but people are now more interested in reading news on social media.

Most young people today are already abandoning conventional media such as television and the switch to social media because it is quick, sophisticated and practical. Because we can watch it all in our grasp, namely on the Smartphone. In fact, some of the impressions that have been aired on television will be aired also on social media. 

App Instagram be the most popular today. Already millions of people have an account with Instagram from all around the world. Even one person can have more than one account Instagram. In fulfilling community needs for news. One of the social media that can be utilized and play a role of spreading the news is Instagram. On the app Instagram, can upload videos and pictures to give a caption or description on the video or photo to spread the news.

Spread the news by using the app Instagram is not separated from journalism online (in the network) or online. Journalism takes a word from the word journal means a diary or newspaper. Journalism is the activity of collecting, looking for some facts and report the various events. By utilizing the application of Instagram, online journalism distribute content via the internet and social media in this case is Instagram. In spreading the news, online journalism combines, video, photo, audio as well as text and disseminated by the social media Instagram.

The emergence of social media is part of media convergence in the digital age that can change the life and perception of modern society. Agencies the mainstream media should be prepare and able to do multitasking of media in the digital age by doing the news spread one of them with Instagram. Why should it be with social media? Because most people today more use of social media compared to reading the newspaper because it was considered more easy, cheap, quick and up to date.

At first Instagram was only used to post private photos by providing a caption or description only. But now the app Instagram has a significant role and important role in fulfilling community needs for news and get a variety of information more efficiently. With the appearance of the Instagram interesting and easy or eye catching, most people will choose to follow or follow some of the news accounts that are on Instagram. The public can read, see and watch a variety of news that is presented through photographs, videos and text that have been uploaded by the account of the news
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