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Request Indexing in Google Webmaster Tools

The official Twitter account Google web publishers confirm that their suspend feature "Request Indexing" in Google webmaster tools (Fiture URL Inspection).

So for the next few weeks, we can't use the feature to ask Google to "IMMEDIATELY" indexing new content.

We have to disable the feature "Request Indexing" of the Inspection tool URL, to make some infrastructure changes. We hope this will be back in the coming weeks. We are constantly looking for and indexing content through the method of our regular.

The last few weeks of indexing from Google to be one of the issues often discussed many people, especially the Internet Marketer that uses SEO techniques. Constraints faced include:
- Article difficult indexed, even though already using features of the URL Inspection from Google webmaster tools
- The article disappear from Google's indexing

The constraints of the latter make some circles in a panic because the URL suddenly missing from the Google page. Already in the first page of Google suddenly disappeared and out of a hundred of Google (ten pages of the beginning of the search).

When in analysis it turns out that the cause is the URL disappeared from Google's index isn't due to hit penalty or something like that but purely because there are "BUGS" from Google.

I actually already fixed by Google, and Google is already doing confirmation regarding the issue. Only possible after repaired still appear some problems that should be soon they are overcome. So Google decided to temporarily stop feature.

Then, what should we do..?
Nothing to worry about regarding this issue, as has been revealed through the official account of Google Webmaster. Then Google will do the indexing with the methods of regular.

Although for some URLS can result in new content being slower indexed, but it is not an obstacle that should be in the large-exaggerated.

Do the optimization as usual, keep productive to produce content as usual and let Google robots to do the indexing on a regular basis.
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