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Introduction to the basics of HTML

What is it HTML code? May be this is the question that thought on the minds of all of you that are just starting to enter into the world of web programming or programmers. One of the languages should be mandatory in master before becoming a developer, because HTML is the basic language that must be mastered to create a website or app. on the post article this time I will give a tutorial HTML code from scratch until you can build the HTML page itself.

Understanding the HTML code

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language is a language formating that is used to create a page of the website. So, HTML was not a progaraman but rather just the markup language or formatting that is in use to display commanded by the user or the user is in want. Online first must begin with a <!DOCKTYPE HTML> this signifies that the document you open is an html document. 

To save an HTML file you can use the extension .html (dot html) and can also be in execution or in access using a web browsur which are as follows:

1. Google Crome 

2. Mozila Firefox

3. Opera

4. Safari

5. Internet Ekplorer

As has been described in the above HTML code is the foundation of a website. To make a website is not enough to just use the HTMl code alone, we also need the help of CSS to design or enhances a page to our website so people are interested with our website, the JavaScript and PHP to make websites dynamic or static. So HTML it is only showing that we perinthakna. If we compare it with our HTML code that is part of our bodies, for CSS-its part of the outfit and for JavaScript dam of PHP to carry out his.

Why that HTML Hyper Text Markup Language. because, in his that there are a series of markup in the call to the tag function for displaying a page on the web browsur us later. Suppose if you want to display a text, well text that we should love know first want to use a tag or markup. What will be in the show a paragraph, a title page, the title of the article in the call header, create a form or later we want to create a link or hyperlink to connect a web our free website pages.

HTML was first created by the person Tim Berners-Lee the father of this team is someone who contributed to this time so that we can all access the website every day. in addition, he now becomes the director of an organization World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C is in charge of making standard-the standard to manage everything there is on this website.

The usefulness of the HTML code

HTML code is very much is its usefulness as the foundation of a website. As for what can be done as its usefulness is as following 

Wrap the element-element specific according to the needs of

1. Make a heading or title format

2. Create table

3. Make a list

4. Make paragraph

5. Create a form

6. Create button

7. Make the letters thick

8. Make italics

9. Display the image

10. Display the image

And still a lot of kegunnan other people can learn from the next post. 

Until this time the HTML is at version 5. HTML5 is the latest version which has many additional features. One of them is we can make a streaming video without the help of adobe flash.For the manufacture of a streaming video with HTML5, we will also language in the article on menu HTML this basic.

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