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AdMob vs AdSense - What's the Difference?

What is it AdMob? Is he brothers with AdSense?

AdMob is an advertising service mobile and is designed to help mobile app developers monetize and promote their application. Since 2012 it is a subsidiary of Google. Google acquires AdMob to expand the market the ad to your iOS device and Windows Phone. Publishers around the world to connect using a network of Google ads. They are paid when users click on the add them. Google ensures that the ad was relevant for users to make it more likely that the user is clicking on it.

This feature allows the application developer, making the normal campaign but the ads will be predetermined. This will allow developers to show ads about other apps developed by it. This makes it possible to let the user pay attention to the other apps developed by the same developer.

While, AdSense is a program that they run that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve text ads, image, video, or interactive media automatically, targeted to the content and audience of the site.

Then what distinguishes AdMob with Adsense. Below is the difference between AdMob and AdSense:

1. The Requirements Of The Traffic Minimum

There is no requirement of a traffic minimum to be AdSense publisher. The only condition is that the important content associated with the ad must be frequently posted on Your website.

Because AdMob is also owned by Google, AdMob does not have the requirements of the traffic to a minimum. It also does not impose the requirements of any language. But to be a publisher in this network, You must have an AdSense account that was previously approved.

2. The Quality Of The Ads

Google's reach across the world and hence has a large network. This just displays high quality ads. This display as well as banner ads on a CPC bid.

AdMob, which is also a Google product, has a global reach and display high-quality ads. This display advertising monetization mobile app on CPC and CPM. This supports the monetization of cross-platform (Android, iOS, and Windows). Publishers have the ability to customize the ad unit of Your text with colors and fonts specific to maximize visibility and click rate.

3. Report Payments and Income

AdSense also has a payment cycle monthly. The estimated income earned during one month and then at the beginning of the next month income be completed and posted to the balance. Limit minimum payout for AdSense is $ 10. There are a variety of payment options are available including transfers by check, EFT, Western Union and Rapida.

AdMob also follow the cycle of monthly payment. Limit the minimum payment is USD 20. It supports payment through a number of portals that include ACH, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.

4. If AdSense is used to display the advertising content, publishers get 68% of revenue. If it is used for search, the revenue shared with the publisher is 51%. The other part is stored by Google in connection with the service provided. The percentage does not change with the demographics.

AdMob has a ratio for a high yield, i.e. 60:40. 60% of the revenue generated is shared with the publisher and the rest 40% remains with Google.

5. The List Of Publishers

AdSense is used by a large number of companies around the world. Top use its services, among others, Mashable, HubPages, eBay, and Times Network.

This Platform used by the developers of the top apps in all over the world such as rockstar games, Cheetah Mobile, Backflip Studios and Fingersoft.

That's 5 the difference between AdMob and AdSense. Although they both have Google but turns out they have differences.